Who is Fox?

Unorthodoxfox.com is a black-owned & operated, illustration-based store dedicated to providing high quality prints, stickers and merch of original and fan art pieces created by Lauren Ulieme  or Fox for short. 

My humble journey as an unorthodox artist backtracks all the way to my small town middle school, 7th grade, doodling anime in my science class. Years, several all-nighters and a string of miserable jobs later, my creative outlet morphed into the blessing of spending my days gleefully hunched over my surface pro 4, digitally painting portraits, characters, and compositions that bring me absolute joy. I treat everyday as an opportunity to learn and grow in my craft and share my passion with those who choose to tune in. 

Love my art?  Please check out my social media accounts as well as my gumroad account. 

Want to have some Art Q+A, have order concerns, commission inquires, or have any other pertinent information to share with me ?

Please contact me here or directly at lauren.o.ulieme@gmail.com ! My studio hours are Monday-Sunday from  8am-5pm .

I will response as quickly as possible and try my absolute best plus ultra to answer your questions and resolve any issues. 

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