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Who is Fox?

Unorthodox Fox serves as a pseudonym for the Nigerian-American portrait painter and illustrator, Lauren Ulieme. She was born in Detroit, Michigan but grew up in a small military town within Camden County, Georgia. After graduating high school, she tackled the rigorous illustration program at the Savannah College of Art & Design to receive her B.F.A. in Illustration. Lauren currently works as a freelance painter and illustrator. She is currently available for private portraiture and illustration commissions as well as other creative projects. She also sells prints and learning materials for purchase.

 Lauren’s art is heavily focused on positive and fantastical images of African and African American women, men, and children. She uses the diverse people within her community, as well as family, friends, and characters to explore universal themes such as self-love, unity, personal power and happiness. She also strives to create representational content that doesn’t exist in the fantasy-realm.

She is currently focused on continuing to learn further about digital and traditional painting in order to continue to push past her limitations and create ever evolving content. Her outside interests include traveling, music, cooking, reading, and health and fitness, all of which she actively pursues before and after working hours.