“To satisfy the need for diverse and imaginative black imagery and stories by providing high quality portrait and illustration-related content, services, and products.”

Fox's Five Core Principles

(1) Client commitment and service: The highest priority is developing relationships, implementing creative solutions, and providing excellent customer service to ensure an individualized, memorable experience.

(2) Quality: Providing outstanding digital painting services, prints, and resources that deliver premium value to customers is of the utmost importance.

(3) Genuine intentions & integrity: The underlying intention behind every painting, service, and product is to show the value of our people, to encourage your personal and business development and to share knowledge transparently, while staying true to my own voice.

(4) Forever a student mentality: Researching, studying, and practicing everyday to consistently progress in skill and in service is a habit ingrained into my daily life.

(5) Personal accountability:  I am accountable for delivering on my commitments—not only in regards to my mission and principles, but to the relationships I build, commissions I take on, and products delivered to your doorstep.


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